Gardening Gift Ideas:

If you’re looking for great gardening ideas, we offer our customers nature inspired gifts straight from our retail garden shops and home gardens.  We take products we sell and create garden gifts that inspire our customers with countless ideas they can use to create gifts from their own gardens.  From Living Wreaths, Terrarium Planters, Tabletop Zen Gardens to Planted Picture Frames and Potted Garden Chairs, we are always looking for new ways to mix Art with Nature.  We also carry garden art from local artisans who create inspiring garden products, from artistically carved rocks, wood animal carvings and unique iron works.

Customer Services:

Personal Shopping: What you can’t find at all garden shops, you can find at Whitledge Flowers. Personal shopping is one on one customer help. You give us your ideas and we’ll help you accomplish them.

Potting Service: You can bring in your container, choose your plants and pick up your planted pots at your convenience or just drop off your pots and with a little input on color/sun conditions, leave it up to us.  By appointment, we also visit the site, if containers are too big to bring to us.

Design and Deliver:  Small scale design work is also available. At our garden shop, we’ll get all the pertinent information, do a visual layout of the product for our customer’s approval and then deliver the product to the customer’s location. When it’s delivered, it is displayed according to the design. Minimum purchases are required for this service.



 Annuals need to be planted every year, but some can be over-wintered inside as houseplants.  We offer and maintain a large selection of annuals from the newest varieties to old time favorites. They come in various sizes from small packs to one gallon containers in an array of colors.



Tropicals are not winter hardy in our area, so they must be brought inside, if customers want to over -winter them and maintain them as houseplants.  We offer a unique selection of Tropical plants ranging from bromeliads, living rocks, succulents, terrarium plants, Tillandsia (Air plants) to Gardenia, Hibiscus, Jasmine and Mandevilla.



Where does our food come from? This question is asked by more and more people everyday and answered by those who choose to grow their own pesticide free food.  You can choose from a wide variety of vegetable and herb plants ranging in size from 3″ pots to one gallon containers. We also offer some more unique varieties of herbs such as: Curry, Lemon Grass, Mojito Mint, Thai Basil and Stevia.



Once established Perennials do come back year after year. For design appeal, you should plant in odd numbers, a minimum of three plants per variety.  Our Perennial selections are vast, ranging in size from 2.5″ groundcovers, 4″ containers to 1 and 3 gallon containers. We also offer a wide variety of 4″ Native perennial selections.